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PAASE Digital becomes latest company to hire talented apprentice from MK College

PAASE Digital becomes latest company to hire talented apprentice from MK College

The team is growing – so lets meet them!

We’ve very proud to have become one of the latest local companies to hire an apprentice from Milton Keynes College. Liz Wright is studying for her Digital Marketing accreditation and will join the Leighton Buzzard-based team in May as a Digital Marketing Apprentice to help brands maximise their revenue from email marketing.

Milton Keynes College prides itself in having an extremely successful apprenticeships. The scheme provides opportunities for young people to gain experience working for businesses across a variety of industries. The students work four days a week and attend college for a day, an excellent opportunity to gain work experience.

Phill Manson, Director and founder of PAASE has prior experience in hiring and working with apprentices. Seeing first hand how they can grow and develop, he was keen to replicate this at PAASE to give someone the chance to gain experience in a fast growing agency environment.

Hiring Comments

Phill comments,

“I have seen first hand how valuable apprenticeships are for young people. In fact, one of the apprentices I worked with at my previous employer is a full time employee at PAASE. PAASE is a fast-paced, growing agency with fantastic clients, so our apprentice will get some great hands on experience!”

Julie-Ann Hammond, Employer Engagement Manager for Digital Technologies comments,

“We are thrilled to have PAASE as one of the latest companies to join our apprenticeship scheme. We very much believe that young people don’t have to go to university to be employable. In fact, the standard of our apprentices is very high which isn’t only a testament to the excellent teaching at the College, but the students’ keenness to learn and commitment. 

Julie-Ann continues,

“Many of the companies will go on to offer the apprentices a permanent position in a junior role. Young people have been impacted hugely by the pandemic. With the current incentives from the government, now is a great time for organisations to think about hiring an apprentice.”

The benefits of hiring an apprentice are two-fold. Not only do the students gain hands-on experience putting what they’ve learned on their course into practice, but the students bring a fresh outlook and new perspectives to both the company and its employees. Julie-Ann also explains employees give the opportunity to mentor someone – a skill that is essential for stepping up into management roles.

“Digital marketing agencies are busy places, so often an extra pair of hands is very welcomed. By carrying out day to day tasks the students can put their skills to the test and increase their confidence. This also benefits the company because certain pressures can be taken off senior staff.”

About MK College

Milton Keynes College is proud to be an open and inclusive general Further Education College. They welcome learners of all levels and delivering an exceptional educational experience. The College offers a broad range of qualifications with more than 3,000 16-18-year-old full-time students studying vocational study programmes, apprenticeships and Higher Education. The College also delivers employability and key skills training programmes to 3,000 people in local community learning centres. Thus, makes them one of the largest providers of Offender Learning in England, working with prisons across the East Midlands, South Central and West Midlands.

Phill explains that this is just the start for PAASE and hopes that they can continue to support students in Milton Keynes,

“We see this as the start of a long-term partnership with MK College and hope that with the right support, we can really help lots of individuals get a kick start with their digital marketing career.”

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