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Customer-First Data

Collecting zero and first data party is a must for all companies. There has been an increased concern in data breaches that has led to tighter restrictions over control of personal data and user’s rights (let’s take the IOS15 update and FB data handling for example). That is why collecting Customer-First data is an integral, sustainable marketing strategy!


  • Zero party data – Soliciting a direct action from your audience. Consumers are not only allowing you to gather zero party data, but they’re also choosing to share it with you for a specific purpose.
  • Customer first data – Data that’s sourced directly from a prospect or customer. It includes both zero-party data (information that someone proactively gives to you, like their email address, phone number or birthday) or first-party data (information observed by a brand about someone on their owned properties, like what products they clicked on your website).
  • 1st party data – data collected directly from interactions with your customers and audiences on your own channels eg website, social media etc. 
  • 2nd party data – data collected from a trusted partner. The importance of second-party data is that the partner complies with the data privacy regulations like the GDPR.
  • 3rd party data – collected, bought, and sold by data aggregators.

Collecting Customer-first Data

Customers are becoming increasingly wary of how their data is being used and they have an even bigger assumption that giving their data will reward them with a better shopping experience or incentive.  Customer-first marketing is what it says on the tin. Designing experiences for customers as a solution to online shopping – building relationships with your audience and curating a loyal customer base will be the success of any company. 

Three Benefits

A deeper understanding of the market

Understanding data is worth its weight in gold. Tracking consumers on what they’re searching for and their journey through the website is the free-market research a company can utilise to optimise their website. The need to understand consumers behaviour online is a necessity to identify trends quickly and seize new opportunities.

Improves Consumer Database

Consumers can get attached to brands and businesses – loyalty plays a huge part in a customer’s journey and CLV. With a rich database, a brand can send personal, targeted emails/questions to inform/sell/notify a customer. As mentioned, customers expect this. The bar is raised, so give them what they want! Klaviyo has the power to do this through email marketing, ensuring a company can deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. 

Market strategy

Email marketing can deliver up to 20% of digital (Google Last Click) revenue for a company. The emphasis on data capture is essential to email sends. Based on the information of the customer, a company can send more granular, personalised targeted emails based on the customer, their behaviour, and their history.


How to collect customer first data with Klaviyo:

  1. Pop-ups
  2. Footer Sign-ups
  3. Check out (with marketing permissions)
  4. Competitions 
  5. Build a quiz
  6. Landing page form 

Octane AI

How to collect Zero party data with Octane AI 

Octane AI is the pioneer zero-party data marketing platform powering thousands of eCommerce merchants to create real relationships with more site visitors and unlock higher conversion rates through personalization across marketing channels.

Check out our Case Study: How Curlsmith used Octane AI, integrated with Klaviyo, to gain 100k new subs

The Challenge:

  • Implement an Octane AI quiz to gather zero-party data about particular individual needs & wants
  • Create a personalised shopping experience to engage consumers
  • Consumers receive personalised product recommendations and articles/information that best suits their needs and preferences. 
  • Integrate quiz in pop-up & home page
  • Segment email list based on quiz data
  • Create dynamic content-based automation based on results

Find out the results here: Curlsmith & Octane AI – PAASE Digital


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