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Are you making a 6 figure mistake?

No company wants to make a 6 figure mistake! Over the last month we’ve been working with a new retail client to identify and target automation programmes.

Here at PAASE, we crunched the numbers, queried and questioned the activity that is in place. It became clear very quickly that there is a disconnect between their new website platform and their ESP.


Email Marketing Audit – Let’s give you the detail!

  • Front end in the ESP it was showing a basket abandonment programme as live (get that box ticked)
  • Within the ESP reporting suite it was showing a culminative total of email sends (eg. Since Day 0) with below benchmark open and click rates. Great to look at but not easy to spot check declines in performance or volumes
  • Diving deeper into this it was clear that volumes had dropped significantly (35%) since the website platform changed in late Spring but that this hadn’t been picked up on (masked by significant overall growth in the channel)
  • Based on industry benchmarks and expected site volumes a 6 figure revenue figure opportunity is not being leveraged effectively


Email Optimisation Opportunity – What does this mean for you?

  • Regularly check volumes from your automated programmes (ideally you should be doing this daily (to review the previous day)). Ask your Marketing Automation platform/ESP to setup a report for you that can be delivered straight to your inbox
  • Look out for 0 send volumes or volumes that are outside the norm (the client above still has volume going so technically the programme is live but it’s well outside the expected tolerance)
  • Review automated programmes and compare them to previous time periods / benchmarks


About PAASE Digital…

PAASE was setup by Phill Manson in 2019 following 9 years of working with businesses such as Avis Budget Group, Travelodge, Sainsburys, Interflora and the Bourne Leisure group driving their online sales growth.

In recent years Phill has been responsible for the Enterprise Account Management and Customer Success functions within RedEye, building on his pan-European experience working directly with clients and partners across multiple channels

Ready for a new challenge, Phill setup PAASE Digital to get back to working with clients who are looking to drive cost effective exponential growth through data driven decision making and automation.

Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future. Give us a call today to set up your first consultation.

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