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Author: Lisa Drew

Birthday Celebrations – A Year In Numbers

PAASE CELEBRATES TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY WITH AMAZING ACHIEVEMENTS! At the end of this month PAASE will celebrate our two year anniversary, and it’s fair to say it’s been a fast paced ride! Over the last two years, we have accomplished some incredible achievements, here’s an overview of some of our key numbers: ONE The 1st Klaviyo UK Platinum Master Partner TWO The number of office moves we’ve had this financial year THREE Our current level of vacancies FOUR The average numbers of referrals we get each month from existing clients and contacts FIVE Gold rings (couldn’t resist)  SIX The average number of times the thermostat in the office is switched on/off on a...

PAASE in the news – Talk Retail

Over the last month we’ve been working with a new retail client to identify and target automation programmes. Here at PAASE, we crunched the numbers, queried and questioned the activity that is in place and it became clear very quickly that there is a disconnect between their new website platform and their ESP....