Our expertise lies in CRM strategy and planning, marketing automation and fully managed services, and we can provide you with whatever level of support you need - from mapping out your email journey through to the end deployment of your activities and reporting.
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Why you can’t benchmark figures from last year

So the last year or two was amazing for your business… but are your 2022 forecasts looking less rosy?

Most companies have seen expediential growth in their last year, but is it sustainable to benchmark the results for 2022?

From a purely business sense, some businesses have seen huge growth in the last few years. Holidays cancelled, working from home, no restaurants open… it’s all meant the consumer who continued working had a lot more disposable income. So, they turned to the internet and direct to consumer businesses saw huge growth.

The businesses scaled their operations to support this growth but now they’re forecasting a slower growth or maybe even seeing a peak and now heading down. Even Netflix have said their growth has been huge and projected numbers for 2022 are much lower.

So how does an ecommerce business thrive going forwards? Even with fewer people going into the top of the sales funnel. It’s all about those three key phrases you probably hear a lot… customer journey, first party data and lifetime value.

Luckily, this is what PAASE specialise in, as Klaviyo is perfectly placed to take the existing database and grow each individual more. Our job is to maximise the performance of Klaviyo for our customers. Understanding how you found them (via competition? Popup? Quiz? Word of mouth?) then helping them all grow as an individual customer within your company is key.

Mass emailing of the whole database is an outdated tactic. Far better to help each customer along their journey. If you know they found you via a quiz, head back to that data and start sharing some content customised to their results. We love using OctaneAI for this and the results can be staggering.

Or maybe you want to nurture your customers to submit some UGC (user generated content) or a review via Yotpo tools, then follow up with a Klaviyo flow to further thank and reward those users.

We see these scenarios often. Clients come to us saying their PPC spend is no longer producing the results and should they be looking at their existing database for the next stage of growth? OH YES is our answer and a few months later they’re very happy.

The lazy brands who sat back and enjoyed the last 2 years of unprecedented growth will struggle now. Make sure you’re one of the ones to thrive in this new era of commerce where each customer is treated as a vip and nurtured.

Paase Digital

Paase Digital are experts in maximising Klaviyo performance for fast growing D2C brands.  Their expertise lies in CRM strategy and planning, marketing automation and fully managed services, and can provide a business with all levels of support needed to drive revenue from your email channel.

As one of their fastest growing partners (and their first Elite Master Partner in the EMEA) we can balance not only our platform knowledge but a collective 50+ years of data led marketing experience. Interested in finding out more? Email in at enquiries@paase.co.uk

If you would like to check out Klaviyo and even set up your account then follow this link; Signup – Klaviyo

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