Our expertise lies in CRM strategy and planning, marketing automation and fully managed services, and we can provide you with whatever level of support you need - from mapping out your email journey through to the end deployment of your activities and reporting.
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What is an ESP?

Email Service Provider (ESP) can mean Gmail, Hotmail etc, but in this context it refers to the platform a brand uses to send emails and carry out marketing. An ESP allows a merchant to both create and launch email campaigns whilst also growing a database. PAASE are specialists at all parts of this journey.

Choosing the perfect ESP

Most email service providers offer different levels to what a merchant can do. From basic functionalities to intricate, detailed personalisation through emails. most ESP’s can be integrated through Shopify, Bigcommerce, WordPress, Magento etc…

Benchmarking Klaviyo

Based in the UK, PAASE Digital were the first Klaviyo partner to achieve Elite Master in the UK. With exponential knowledge and expertise in the industry, PAASE benchmark Klaviyo against other ESP’s for you to make the right decision.

Optimising an ESP platform

Choosing an ESP and setting it up is half the battle. To really maximise revenue, a merchant must build the bridge between the brand and their customer. Implementing automations and flows will allow a merchant to really understand each and every customer.

PAASE Digital is a Klaviyo Master Elite Partner!

Recognised by Klaviyo as a top partner in the UK, PAASE endeavour to strategically guide, support and implement key email marketing activities for all clients. Our expertise lies in CRM strategy and planning, marketing automation and fully managed services deploying expert knowledge on reporting and analytics too. As the first official Klaviyo Platinum Partner in the UK, PAASE Digital add tangible value in knowing how to maximise your investment driving best practice in email marketing.

Klaviyo vs Mailchimp

Mailchimp and Klaviyo are among the leaders of marketing automations

In todays marketplace, its important a marketing platform can give you a multichannel interaction providing all the tools to deliver on creating a seamless customer experience.

Mailchimp and Klaviyo provide high quality marketing services to e-commerce offering similar functions for the merchant to utilise. Most businesses start with Mailchimp and then migrate to Klaviyo some time later…why is that?

In this blog, we dive into the features of both platforms analysing the pros and cons to determine the best ESP for an ecommerce business.

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Klaviyo vs Ometria

Klaviyo offers a free premium whereas Ometria costs at all levels - is this a deciding factor?

AI algorithms uncovers performance analysing consumer behaviours and touchpoints to increase revenue opportunity and optimise CRM campaigns. The technology allows merchants to dive deeper into sending the right email to the right customer with a focus on personal touches.

With Ometria’s recent growth, they still reside behind Klaviyo in all market share segments, website categories or in any country. This blog analyses the key attributions to both ESP’s referencing the prominent platform for an ecommerce business.

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Why Klaviyo?

For businesses for all shapes and sizes

Klaviyo works well with businesses of all shapes and sizes, where PAASE add real value is identifying and prioritising key activity to maximise the value in your investment. Why not check out a few examples of our work

Clients & Partners

Klaviyo vs Dotdigital

As Dotdigital is specialised for small to medium-sized enterprises, is this platform sustainable for fast growing businesses?

Intuition. Unifying customer data from all sources to build a single, comprehensive profile of each shopper can allow a merchant to boost customer acquisition.

Both Klaviyo and Dotdigital can easily pull in integrations to harness the power of customer data. The need for a business to deliver exceptional customer experience is at an all time high, this blog explains why.

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 Klaviyo vs Omnisend

Which tool allows the merchant to get all the features you need without any extra fees?

Whether you’re building your ecommerce store or levelling up, Omnisend and Klaviyo provide an all-in-one platform including email and SMS, with actionable reporting tools making it easy to take data-backed growth decisions.

Creating on-brand messaging has never become easier with purpose-built ecommerce tools to deliver business’s needs in marketing. This blog analyses the features, ease of use and engagement with customers.

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Klaviyo vs Campaign Monitor

Do you want an email marketing platform that’s easy to use yet extremely powerful?

These tech giants give leading companies robust tools to power their email marketing. With cutting edge technology. these platforms push the boundaries and capabilities an ESP can do for a merchant. From automations to segmentation to creating experiences, both Klaviyo and Campaign Monitor can deliver the wants and needs email marketing can achieve.

Both platforms are making a conscious push on the capability of SMS. SMS marketing is fast becoming the talking point in 2022 with stats like 98% of users opening a text within the first few minutes. Campaign Monitor has recently launched their SMS marketing channel whereas Klaviyo have been operating SMS conversation for some time now, with a USP of a two-way conversation (only available in the US).

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Client Testimonials.

Don't just take our word for it...

Slide The team at PAASE is consistently professional in both their planning and communication. Since starting to work with them, our email performance has reached a new level. Ciara Dowling / The Night Sky Slide This project has been a huge success for us, in terms of driving sales and customer engagement with the brand, and having the team at PAASE there to provide expertise and support throughout has been a key part of that success. Jem Allport / Sophie Allport Slide We have been working with Phill and the team at PAASE for about 15 months now and they have played a crucial role in turning our CRM around and helping grow our brand via email. Costs are down and revenue is up, so we can’t complain! Phill and the team are always available on the phone or email to offer advice and their attention to detail is great! Josh Mitchell / Barking Heads Slide It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the PAASE team over the past year. Our brand is on a huge journey and the guys have been at the heart of our digital strategy, helping us shape our customer journey and win new shoppers. Kate Woldanski / AATU Slide We started working with PAASE for help in building out our Lifecycle emails. But quickly found ourselves using them for all our email marketing strategy. On their suggestion (and help) we moved to a new ESP, which has helped us grow our customer comms exponentially. The team are incredibly quick to turn around jobs and I’m always confident I’m in safe hands with them. Jamie McRonald / Union Roasted Slide We’ve been working with PAASE for the last two months as part of an ESP migration. Lisa and the team have helped us build a greater understanding of our data and email deliverability as well as introduce a number of new automated programmes that we previously couldn’t run. We’re already starting to reap the rewards. Sarah Welsh / HANX Slide We’ve worked with PAASE Digital for a while now and I have to say it’s been an absolute delight. They have felt like an extension of our team and supported us with a strategy, knowledge, and content creation. Enabling us to achieve our targets for growth, but most importantly improve the relationship we have with our online customers. We’re excited for the future ahead! Frank Eribo / Butterfly Twists Slide This project has been a huge success for us, both in terms of driving sales and with engagement with Mous. It has really highlighted to the business how much value the email channel can bring to the table. Remi Gabietaite / Mous